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American Horror Story: Hotel – The TV Show

american-horror-story-promo-poster.jpg.bc89491a03bd25700c1767f90475cdc7So far I’m pretty indecisive about the new American Horror Story season. I have to say that this show is one of my all time favorites so I always look forward to a new season. I admit that it’s creepy, gross and revolting BUT I feel like it’s missing something. I know there have only been two episodes so I’m hoping it get’s better, because so far this is my least favorite of all the seasons.

I’m pretty impressed by Lady Gaga. So far her acting isn’t that bad. I thought of the worst. The only thing that’s weird about her being in this show is all the sex and blood scenes… I wonder how her fiance feels about it. YIKES!

Anyways I’m obviously going to continue to watch the show, but so far I’m just not feeling it. Needs more Jessica Lange TBH.

From a Chick’s Perspective ?/5. – Like i said I’m super indecisive. I want to give it a 3, but at this point in the series i’d give it a 2. But watch next week I’ll want to give it a 5. So for now I leave you with a questionable rating 🙂


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October 2015 Update!


Omg I am still working on September reviews. I think I was overachieving there.  So hopefully they will get done soon. I am going to go back to my September post and do some checking off right now!

Here is what to come for October

Reviews for October:
Supergirl (TV Pilot Review)
American Horror Story: Hotel (TV Pilot Review)
… and more.

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OITNB Season 2

I finally watched it! I am so late on this, but damn there are way too many shows to catch up on. I heard a lot of mixed reviews as some were saying it was too slow of a season and it wasn’t as good as the first, but I loved it. I absolutely love the background stories, I loved hearing all their stories and HELLO RUBY ROSE!! She is just gorg!

Anyway I totally recommend watching this series as it’s hilarious, but it’s also really meaningful and honest at times where I catch myself wiping tears away. It also makes me want to go to jail to hang out with these girls haha. God knows this is not what prison is really like.

From a Chick’s Perspective 4/5 – Loved this season, love last season and can’t wait for the next season.



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Oscars 2015 Review… A Little Late

Hey everyone,

I wanted to do a small Oscars review since I do watch a lot of movies. Unfortunately there were a lot of movies in this years nominees that I just didn’t get a chance to watch, so I didn’t evenbother making predictions this year.

Although the award show itself was boring as hell here are my best and worst moments:

Best Moments:
1. John Legend and Common’s performance of Glory along with their acceptance speech for Best Song. – Honestly it just touched my heart.giphy (1)
2. Patricia Arquette winning for best supporting Actress. – I really didn’t care that she won, but her speech about women equality and wage quality won me over. I’ll definitely have to watch Boyhood.oscars-gifs-meryl-streep-jlo
3. Julianne Moore winning Best Actress. – I knew she would win and I was only basing this off of her performance in Still Alice. It was a beautiful movie and her acting was amazing.
4. Lady Gaga’s stunning tribute performance to The Sound of Music. – It was epic. I’m glad she finally showed the world what she is actually capable of.

Worst Moments:
1. Neil Patrick Harris hosting. – I was never a big fan of him, but this was just overall embarrassing.  Especially when you think your prediction box is so precious and you don’t even let us know your predictions… Unless I missed that then I must’ve fell asleep.

2. John Travolta being creepy – Creepy with Idina and creepy overall. He scares me.
3. Leaving out Joan Rivers in the Memoriam. – That’s just fucking rude.


Overall probably one of the most boring Oscars events ever. Until next year.

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Sons of Anarchy Series Finale *spoilers*

*spoiler alerts*

– Sorry! I don’t spoiler much on my blog, but this time I can’t HELP IT!

I was one of the unfortunate, or fortunate depending how you look at it, fans of Sons of Anarchy. I started watching when Season 4 was just finishing on television and I binge watched like a crazy person. I was absolutely addicted. The characters, the storyline, the tears, the laughter, the SLAUGHTERS… It’s definitely my favourite show on television by far. (Sorry Dexter, you failed me in the last season).

The saddest part in the whole 7 seasons? Opie. I loved Opie. How could you not love Opie. And yes this episode was RUINED for me via facebook from people who were way ahead of me, but it still made me cry like a baby.

Opie I got This SOA

The second hardest cry in SOA? Chibs saying goodbye to Jax. I couldn’t even watch this. I had to pause it and dry my eyes. NEVER WATCH SOA AT WORK ON YOUR LUNCH BREAK. I definitely have to re-watch the last episode. I don’t think I got to cry as hard as I wanted to lo.

Chibs Jax ByeThe moment I cried knowing the significance of this sentence. Brought back my Opie heartbreak. Thanks Jax… way to break my heart AGAIN.

Jax I got This

I don’t want to spoil too much, but I just want to say a couple of more things. This show is amazing. If you haven’t seen it then you’re missing out on one of the best shows on Television. Every character made you love them no matter how much they were playing the “bad guy.” It’s completely upsetting that it’s finally over and there won’t be anymore Chibs, Tig, Happy, Jax, Bobby, Gemma, Unser, Nero, Juice etc… I can’t even put into words how much I loved this show. I HATE THIS

Chibs I hate This

What the hell am I gonna watch on TV NOW?!?!?!

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Bad Teacher – The TV Show?


So I finally had the chance to watch the pilot for Bad Teacher. Now, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the movie but it was pretty funny. It would of been better without Justin Timberlake (just keeping singing and stop acting). Anyways I could be wrong, but I highly doubt this show will last. The acting is not the greatest especially the main character Ari Graynor. I’ve seen her in plenty movies and she can get a way better role than this, BUT Kristin Davis is in it and I looooooove her. Too bad her character is the rival, because she was super hot in Sex and the City. I can totally see her strutting her stuff in the future of this series… if it lasts.

I kinda love the Gym teacher he is great. The kids are annoying and I guess that’s how kids are today… poor things. So I’m guessing this TV show will just be a LONGER version of the movie? *SPOILER from the movie* doesn’t she just end up with the gym teacher out of love instead of looking for a rich hot divorcee? Huh.

Also, after watching the trailer this show actually looks really funny, but the pilot kinda ruined it for me. Who knows maybe I’ll watch it for shits and giggles. Pilots usually suck anyways.

Check out the Trailer:

It premiered on April 24th on Global (Canada eh?)

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

http://newsmedia247.com/walking-dead-season-4-second-half-poster-revealed-10189Image from: http://newsmedia247.com/walking-dead-season-4-second-half-poster-revealed-10189


I’m pissed off about The Walking Dead. Season 4 didn’t start off all that great, then we had to wait for a mid season premiere and what did I get out of it? Nothing. Only seconds worth of amazement and the rest of the hour episodes just made me yawn. I don’t even want to bother watching next season as I’m sure it’ll just be as boring as this season.


My predictions:

  1. They get out of that train. Obviously they aren’t going to spend the first episode just sitting in there and if they do I’m boycotting the show.
  2. Why are they in that train? Obviously they are becoming FOOD for the other people who live there so SOMEONE has to die to prove that theory. I’m guessing Tyrese or obviously any of the new people.
  3. Tyrese, Carol and the baby make it to Terminus
  4. Glenn and Maggie will get separated again. We all need a sad love story people.
  5. Beth finds the group probably after Terminus unless they decide to take over the place


From a Chick’s Perspective  The only reason I watch this show is for Michonne’s character. Daryl bores me, and the whole “omg he’s so sexy” craze that’s happening does not make any sense to me. You’re all just in love with him because he is probably the best looking man on the show and he’s not even that good looking. Get over it.

Britney- kinda bad

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Resurrection – Trailer

So last night I was just watching TV that I PVR’d from the night before and you know sometimes you forget to Fast forward the commercials? So I went to pick up my converter (remote, whatever) to click fastforward and this TV show trailer came on for a show called Ressurrection. This show looks so MESSED UP that I’m actually super excited to watch it. So please take 2 minutes and 54 seconds and check this trailer out!

Check out the Trailer:


Legit face I was making while watching this trailer.
It premieres March 9th(?) on City TV.

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