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Room – Trailer/Review

Room_PosterWhen I first read Emma Donoghue’s Book “Room” I fully cried and bawled my eyes out, because this story is just beyond sad. When I heard that there was a movie coming out I was destined to see it. TIFF annoaunced that they would be having it in their theatre’s and I nearly lost my mind. I have to admit I’m a lucky girl when it comes to watching movies and television shows early, but this one was a hard one to get into to.

I basically begged a co-worker to take me with her and thank GOD her friend couldn’t make it.

As soon as I got into the theatre I had tissues ready as I already knew the story.

Can I just say this movie was absolutely beautiful. The filming, the acting, the absolute horrific situation they’re turned into a beautiful story, UGH definitely the best movie I’ve seen at TIFF… although I have only seen 3 haha. Those reviews will come out soon.

Brie Larson, if you don’t win an Oscar for this roll then the Oscars are fixed!!! You were absolutely breathtaking. No one else could of played “Ma” better. I can’t believe this woman went from playing Envy Adam in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to this absolutely terrified and strong mother. Now that’s an actor.

Jacob Tremblay… what an amazing child actor. When I was thinking of who could possibly play this role I didn’t think it was possible. Fiona Weir (the casting director) is a genius. Then again it could of been the parents who got him to audition. But damn Fiona better win an Emmy for Outstanding Casting… cause this child was perfection.

Check out the Trailer at this link
ROOM – Trailer

From a Chick’s Perspective 5/5. – The best movie I’ve ever seen at TIFF. I’ve been obsessed with this book for so long that I am so thankful that the movie came out as wonderful as it did. What an amazing cast, amazing acting… It’s a beautiful and horrific story. I can’t WAIT for all of you to see it!!!


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Secret in their Eyes – Trailer

Good GOD! Two of my favourite actors… just kill me now. YAS JULIA! SLAY NICOLE!

Check out the Trailer at this link

Exclusive Trailer – Click here to go to Yahoo.com

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Montage of Heck – Trailer

Montage-Of-Heck I just came across this new Kurt Cobain doucmentary called the Montage of Heck. It literally gave me goosebumps watching it. I obviously never knew him, saw Nirvana live, but I’ve always been a huge fan and have always wondered how he died. Was it suicide? Was it murder? Was it an accidental overdose? It breaks my heart, because his music was amazing.


I remember turing on Edge 102 in Toronto and hearing that he died and my heart just stopped. It was like someone telling a child that Santa Clause isn’t real anymore. It’s heartbreaking, but in time you get over it. I don’t think I’ll ever get over his death.

Check out the Trailer: 



For my Toronto Peeps:

TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 – Friday April 24, 9:45PM | Tickets

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema – Saturday April 25, 1:15PM | Tickets

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Cinderella(2015) – Trailer

I am completely obsessed with anything Disney so it won’t come as a surprise to you that I am super excited for this new Cinderella movie. It looks so beautiful ❤

Check out the Trailer: 


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Entourage: The Movie – Trailer

I am FLIPPING OUT. I am beyond excited for this movie; although the trailer seemed pretty whack at the beginning, but then it’s just GOLD. Ari GOLD. HA! Enjoy 🙂

Oh and Happy Holidays everyone!

Check out the trailer:


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Maps to the Stars – Trailer

So excited to see a new movie with Julianne Moore she is definitely one of my favorite female actresses. I adore Robert Pattinson so I look foward to seeing how the act together. (Yes I’m a twilight fan don’t judge me). Also Mia Wasikowska is in the movie and she is just adorable.

Check out the Trailer:
This is gonna be awesome


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Big Hero 6 – Clip

Oh god this movie looks hilarious. I actually can’t wait to watch this.

Check out this Clip of the movie:


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Sons of Anarchy Series Finale

I got goosebumps and anxiety just watching the trailer. This may be the BEST Series Finale EVER. Mark my words. I hope Juice lives 😦

Check out the trailer for the Series Finale of Sons of Anarchy

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50 Shades of Grey – Trailer

With all the hype surrounding this movie, especially thinking Charlie Hunnam was going to be THE Christian Grey, I think everyone’s expectations are super high for this movie. The trailer looks intriguing, but as a reader of the books I’m curious to know how GRAPHIC this movie will actually be. I have no idea who Jamie Dornan is (Christian Grey) because he does NOT look the like Christain Grey I made up in my crazy mind.  Anyways I hope the movie does well, and you can bet your ass my boyfriend will be taking me to this movie on V-DAY. Unless it gets slipped through the cracks before hand and we can watch it online haha. (I hate movie theatres).

Check out the Trailer:

Come out on Feb 14 2015… how romantic?

Sons of Anarchy

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Lucy – Trailer

So I was just randomly searching Devour.com (such an awesome site), and I came across this trailer for the movie Lucy. I’ve never heard of it so seeing Scarlett Johansson intrigued me. But I noticed the movie seems exactly the same as Limitless except it’s a woman lead. I hope it’s better, but Limitless was a pretty awesome movie. Also MORGAN FREEMAN is in this movie. Epic. Check out the trailer to Lucy!

Check out the Trailer:

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