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OITNB Season 2

I finally watched it! I am so late on this, but damn there are way too many shows to catch up on. I heard a lot of mixed reviews as some were saying it was too slow of a season and it wasn’t as good as the first, but I loved it. I absolutely love the background stories, I loved hearing all their stories and HELLO RUBY ROSE!! She is just gorg!

Anyway I totally recommend watching this series as it’s hilarious, but it’s also really meaningful and honest at times where I catch myself wiping tears away. It also makes me want to go to jail to hang out with these girls haha. God knows this is not what prison is really like.

From a Chick’s Perspective 4/5 – Loved this season, love last season and can’t wait for the next season.



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OITNB Season 2 Review


So I have to say I absolutely LOVED the second season of OITNB. I love all the character development as well as the back stories; which made me love the characters even more. And I must say the finale was AMAZING! Trust me you’ll love it. I can’t wait for next season even though that’s going to take FOREVER. In the mean time if you’re finished the season check out this video of  The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco-SweetingNew Girl‘s Zooey DeschanelNurse Jackie‘s Edie FalcoThe Mindy Project‘s Mindy KalingShamelessEmmy Rossum; and Orange Is the New Black‘s Taylor Schilling. It’s an awesome background of each of their stories on their individual shows, but you also get some good stuff from Taylor being Piper and how her life has changed. Click here!

What an amazing series so far.


From a Chick’s Perspective If you haven’t started watching Season 2 yet GET ON IT. Don’t want to get Netflix? Illegally download it. It’s Canada people. You can download, but you can’t share it. So the people you’re getting it from will get in trouble, not you. HAHA. ENJOY!

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