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September 2015 Update!


Holy crapballs, I haven’t posted anything in so long! I’ve been so busy with work and life that I kind of left this blog in the dist. BUT I AM BACK!  So I have obviously been watching tons of movies and TV shows so there will be a TON of updates coming in the next couple of days & weeks.

So I will keep this short and sweet, because I made this blog to talk about TV, Movies and Music and definitely not myself. I will continue to do Monthly updates so you can see what is to come! So here is what to come for September:

Reviews for September:
Sicario (Movie Review)
ROOM (Tiff Movie review)
The Fang Family (Tiff Movie review)
Limitless (TV Show Pilot review)
Minority Report (TV Show Pilot review)
Blindspot (TV Show Pilot review)
Scream Queens (TV Show Pilot review)
The Bastard Executioner (TV Show Pilot review)
The Grinder (TV Show Pilot review)
Grandfathered (TV Show Pilot review)

Luckily I’ve seen a lot of these shows already, but I am definitely going to wait until they air on TV so I won’t ruin them. The movies… I can’t help you there 😉

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Tove Lo

So I am completely IN LOVE with this new artist Tove Lo. For all of you that have known about her before her debut album well SCREW YOU FOR NOT SHARING THIS GODDESS.

Tove Lo

I think it’s really hard to fall in love with an artist especially when it’s their first album. I find it’s really hard to get a foot into the music industry and make a ton of fans with only releasing a couple of songs. She came out with Habit (Stay High) and as soon as I heard it I fell in love with it. It’s such a great beat and her voice is beautiful. Thank GOD the rest of her album (that came out today) is just or even better than that song. I can’t wait to see her concert in Toronto on Thursday night and support this girl with fabulous writing skills. I swear to god she is singing about my past life and it’s so freaky. Check her out.

Check out her latest single/music video : Not on Drugs

tumblr_nb7wfxxQEZ1tkeqpdo1_250 tumblr_nb7wfxxQEZ1tkeqpdo4_250

tumblr_nb7wfxxQEZ1tkeqpdo6_250 tumblr_nb7wfxxQEZ1tkeqpdo7_250

I’ll do my best to do a concert review. Let’s hope I get some good pics!

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What happened to these Girl Groups?

Ok I was sooo into pop music when I was younger that I came across a group on youtube and it just got me thinking…. Where the hell did these girl groups go? For example:

Sugar Jones:

The funny thing is I can NEVER forgot about this group, because I actually auditioned for this group with my friend Alice back int he day. Neither of us got in, but Alice is now an amazing super model and I’m just fuckign awesome so SCREW THEM hahahaha. Anwyays this group sucked and didn’t last long. Plus I would of had an issue with this song… it’s pretty lame.


I remember making up dance routines with my friends in Highschool to “He Loves You Not.” This song was my JAM and still to this day I can remember most of the moves as well as all the words to this damn song. It was just too damn catchy. The funny thing is this is the ONLY song I remember from them. I started searching for other songs by them and I was shocked they even had other music videos… Oops.

Eden’s Crush

Ok we all know Nicole Sherzinger is still relevant and obviously excelled in the Pussycat Dolls, but what happened to Eden’s Crush. They were all good singers and super cute. “Love this Way” is still to this day on my iphone so I can listen to it. It’s such a sweet song. You’ll remeber them from their song “Get Over Yourself (Goodbye).” That song was okay I guess… Ana Maria Lombo was my fave ❤


I don’t even understand how I used to even like this girl group. Their music is so stupid, but I remember watching the whole reality series to find a new Pussycat dolls group and this is what the came up with. I know one girl left the group and another might of been kicked out (this is how rumours start), but who really knows and who really cared. Check out the link to a clip of the show. I was addicted!!!

I guess it’s hard to stay a girl group now a days. Thank GOD for the Spice girls for keeping it REAL lol


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I adore Sia Fuler

“I’m gonna swing from the chandelier!” – I have loved Sia for over 10 years. Her voice is amazing and this song is excellent. I’m glad she didn’t give this song to Rihanna. 

Some amazing songs by Sia:
Co-wrote Titanium and She Wolf with David Guetta
Co-wrote Let Me Love You with Ne-Yo
Wrote the lyrics for Rihanna song Diamonds
Co-wrote Perfume and Passenger from Britney Spears‘ new record
Co-wrote Loved Me Back to Life by Celine Dion
Co-wrote Pretty Hurts by Beyoncé
Wrote Cannonball for Lea Michelle
Wrote All I Need for Christina Aguilera

Epic. And I’m glad I saw her a couple of times on tour singing her own music 

Also my favourite Sia songs if you wanna check her own stuff out:
Breathe Me (obviously)
Don’t Bring Me Down
Day too Soon
I Go To Sleep
Soon We’ll Be Found
You Have Been Loved
Elastic Heart

… and so many more.

Check out her latest single/music video : Chandelier


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EdgeFest? 2014

Edgefest July 1

I am so confused and irritated. I look forward to Edgefest every year. For those of you who are not from Toronto Canada, Edgefest is a festival hosted by the radio station 102.1 The Edge; which has been going on since I was two years old (1987). Now I am not here to bash any bands that are on the lineup at all! I am super jealous that I am not in a band and therefore will not give out any hatred.

I am mostly upset due to the fact that this year there are 3 DIFFERENT dates! Not even a full weekend of awesome rock music, but 3 days spanning out over 2 different months!!! What the eff?

Now the great thing is I love at least 2 bands from each of these shows. The shitty thing is WHY DIDN’T YOU COMBINE THIS INTO ONE BIG BANG?!!? ALSO you moved Edgefest from Downsview Park all the way to ECHO BEACH?!?!?! Ugh, Downsview was so easy. Literally walking distance.

Also I must note July 1st is on a TUESDAY, July 18th is on a FRIDAY and August 16th is on a Saturday. So Thankfully Canada day is a holiday, but July 18th isn’t. You made one good choice Edge… Adding a date on an ACTUAL Saturday; which is when Edgefest USUALLY was!

I probably won’t make any of these shows due to the fact that the only one I would go to would be on July 18th, but thanks to my sister being born on that day I am forced to have other plans LOL. Other than that I would love to see OLP live again, but really? I feel like this is gonna be a “reliving the 90’s moment” with the rest of the bands playing. Trust me I like Sloan, I Mother Earth etc, but not worth it. Sorry not sorry 😛

Edgefest July 18Edgefest August 16

What happened Edge? Edgefest was called edgeFEST due to it being a festival right? This isn’t a festival anymore. You basically made up 3 concerts and decided to give it the old name of Edgefest.

Next year better be worth your 2014 mistakes. I REFUSE to go to METAL Festivals!

Also If i do end up going to one of these damn shows I’ll review it and BASE it off of my Downsview Park/Molson park experiences.

Click here to see past Edgefest Line Ups. This list will make you cry because you missed some of these epic festivals

102.1 The Edge


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Soaked in Bleach – Trailer

20 years later and this is just coming to light now? At least Courtney will be happy someone’s talking about her… ugh R.I.P Kurt Cobain ❤

Check out the Trailer:

Kurt Cobain

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Disney’s Maleficent – Trailer/Lana Del Rey News

I am way too excited for this movie. I am a huge lover of Disney movies, but if you add Angelina Jolie then I’ll run to the theatre and watch it a million times. I am still not sure why I have this obsession with her. I think she is a phenomenal actress, she is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen, and she is married to Brad Pitt who I’ve loved since I was 12. Remember Meet Joe Black *swoons*

Not only was I looking forward to this movie just by word of mouth and random images across the web, but I finally saw the trailer and my all time fave is singing “Once Upon A Dream.” Welcome back Lana Del Rey! You have been missed dearly! I think I’m more excited to hear Lana’s full version of Once Upon A Dream than I am to see this movie. Lana! We need a new album and pronto! I can only cover so many other of your songs before I get sued on youtube.

Check out the Trailer:


Love this Bitch ❤

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If you don’t have anything nice to say…

… then just SHUT UP!

Yes, it’s time for another Chick Rant. This really has nothing to do with me it’s just certain things I see people doing to others, because if someone were to do/say this to me we’d no longer be friends 🙂

So this is the deal: You go on facebook/twitter/etc and post pictures from a concert and one of your “friends” has the audacity to reply saying rude things about the band or you for liking that band. I understand there are a lot of closed minded people when it comes to music and no I don’t expect everyone to like the same music as me. Like come on, I have a Hanson tattoo for Christ sake don’t tell me I’m not eclectic. I just don’t see the point in making fun of something that brings happiness to other people. If i saw a friend post that they went to see a (hmm.. what band or artist do I actually really dislike?)
–10 minutes later–

Metallica… yes. If a friend of mine went to a Metallica concert would I really post on their wall “Eww, they suck” or “Wow, you actually wasted money on them?” Athough I would love to say that I don’t. And you know why? Because it’s not fair. We all obviously have different tastes in music and why should we all go around bashing people about it. It’s either because you’re too closed minded to step out of ” I only like Metal” or “Oh I’m all about Rock N Roll” well guess what! Rock N Roll is Pop, Metal is Punk and everything is so mixed up that if you want to be stuck in one of these musical boxes for the rest of your life then be my guest. Just stay the hell off my newsfeed.

From a Chick’s Perspective I listen to everything: Rock, Pop, Dance, Country, R&B, Rap, Opera, Punk, Metal… you name it I like it. That doesn’t mean I will like every song or every artist around, but it also doesn’t mean I have any less respect for someone who likes a certain song (unless it’s that damn “What does that fox say” No respect what so ever. So open your damn minds and listen to something new. You might surprise yourself. AND if you think you shouldn’t cause your friends will make fun of you then they aren’t your friends. They are just other closed minded people who probably listen to Hanson too in secret 😉


mmm fucking bop bitches.

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The Worst Songs/Music Videos ever…

Hey everyone,

Work has been so busy I haven’t had time to post the tons of ideas and funny things I have been finding over the last couple of weeks. So I wanted to start with some of the worst music videos I have ever seen with commentary of course 🙂 And if you are one of the few who actually enjoy this music than GOOD FOR YOU (no sarcasm intended). I am not one for bashing on others musical tastes, but I am allowed to have an opinion.

Wish I Didn’t Need You – Blake McIver

I am a member of Oh No They Didn’t and I came across this video today. If you don’t recognize the name or the face of this man then all I can say is google Full House. Remember Yanky Doodle Dandy Kid? No? You will once you google it. And if you really want a good giggle from the video and you feel like you can’t get through the whole three and a half minutes then just listen from 2:51 – 2:55. Isn’t his voice just like an angel?

Gnesa – Wilder

Not only is this the worst song ever it is also such a stupid music video. Poor girl. At least she has over 3 Million views on youtube.

And the winner of worst song ever plus the worst music video ever is:

Alison Gold – Chinese Food

A couple of points:

1. You don’t go “Clubbin” you’re only 12.
2. Why isn’t the girl behind the register allowed to actually press buttons of the cash register?
3. The reason you’re sitting alone at this table is because your song is awful and you won’t have any friends if you don’t stop singing.
4. Her fortune cookie said she would find a new friend. Why is the new “friend” a 30 year old black man in a panda suit?
5. Geisha’s are not Chinese. Gett your facts straight before you make a stupid music video.

All in all I feel bad for these kids. They can’t sing or dance and now they are being bullied in school (Rebecca Black). I don’t know how their parents are okay with this.


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