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September 2015 Update!


Holy crapballs, I haven’t posted anything in so long! I’ve been so busy with work and life that I kind of left this blog in the dist. BUT I AM BACK!  So I have obviously been watching tons of movies and TV shows so there will be a TON of updates coming in the next couple of days & weeks.

So I will keep this short and sweet, because I made this blog to talk about TV, Movies and Music and definitely not myself. I will continue to do Monthly updates so you can see what is to come! So here is what to come for September:

Reviews for September:
Sicario (Movie Review)
ROOM (Tiff Movie review)
The Fang Family (Tiff Movie review)
Limitless (TV Show Pilot review)
Minority Report (TV Show Pilot review)
Blindspot (TV Show Pilot review)
Scream Queens (TV Show Pilot review)
The Bastard Executioner (TV Show Pilot review)
The Grinder (TV Show Pilot review)
Grandfathered (TV Show Pilot review)

Luckily I’ve seen a lot of these shows already, but I am definitely going to wait until they air on TV so I won’t ruin them. The movies… I can’t help you there 😉

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Big Hero 6 – Clip

Oh god this movie looks hilarious. I actually can’t wait to watch this.

Check out this Clip of the movie:


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Lucy – Trailer

So I was just randomly searching Devour.com (such an awesome site), and I came across this trailer for the movie Lucy. I’ve never heard of it so seeing Scarlett Johansson intrigued me. But I noticed the movie seems exactly the same as Limitless except it’s a woman lead. I hope it’s better, but Limitless was a pretty awesome movie. Also MORGAN FREEMAN is in this movie. Epic. Check out the trailer to Lucy!

Check out the Trailer:

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