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Limitless – The TV Show

limitless-publicity-releasejpg-82f1eeWhen I heard Limitless (the movie) was being turned into a TV Show I was pretty excited. Although most of the time when movies turn into TV Shows they tend to fail horribly, but I was so surprised by this pilot episode. Not only are the actors awesome but the story itself is pretty sweet. I am so happy to see Jennifer Carpenter in another show, as I haven’t seen her since Dexter. She is such an incredible actor! Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Bradley Cooper is actually in the TV Show. HOW GENIUS IS THAT?

Out of all the shows this fall I think this show will be my favourite. So far Fall TV is going to be AWESOME ❤

From a Chick’s Perspective 5/5. – For a Pilot I really loved it. I can’t wait to see episode 2 and watch the rest of the Season! Let’s hope this show lasts a long time!

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Cold in July- Movie Review

 e6ff51b22541dee31ab32a34dac4032dCold in July

Decided to watch a movie last night (instead of a very odd documentary) and my boyfriend came across Cold in July. We are both huge Dexter/Michael C Hall Fans so how could we say no? Now, knowing a little history on Dexter (if you don’t you must live under a rock) he is a serial killer who killed other serial killers. So technically he was a good serial killer or “America’s favorite Serial Killer.”

So it started off with Michael’s character accidentally killing a person who broke in their house. He is such a great actor, because when you’re a huge fan of a series and then you see the main character in another show/movie you just make assumptions that he’s going to be playing a similar character, but he didn’t. He played a normal man who was just trying to protect his family and himself. (Watch the movie I don’t want to spoil anything). So overall gory movie, but awesome story line. It really shows how far a person will go to save their family. YAY for Michael doing awesome movies. I hope to see him in more soon.

From a Chick’s Perspective I give this movie a 4/5. If you love Michael C Hall; which you should then definitely watch this flick. It’s a little graphic and disgusting, but I like those types of films.

No Quotes available. I’m guessing this was not a big motion picture so try to watch it if you can find it!

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True Blood Series Finale


SPOILERS of the first episode!

I have to admit I actually haven’t seen every single True Blood episode. I got into it during Season 3 and caught a couple of episodes during Season 1&2 and had my boyfriend tell me what I missed. So obviously I am not a huge fan of the show, but I did really get into it. Now this is the finale season the SERIES FINALE! and you’re expecting it to be amazing, and craving for next week’s episode (no pun intended). But no, I am not happy with this show. It’s so BORING, Sookie is so annoying and everyone just needs to STFU and do something.

Why do all these long running series have such shitty endings. Is it even possbile that True Blood will actually suck more than Dexter’s series finale… all signs point to yes.

From a Chick’s Perspective If you haven’t started the Series Finale then don’t bother. You might as well wait till it’s over and binge on it or don’t bother at all. It’s only 2 episode in and it’s just going DOWNHILL. I’m sure they’ll do something shocking like kill off one of our favourites… oh wait YOU ALREADY DID THAT *SPOILER* RIP Tara. What a stupid way to open a Series Finale. Fuck you and Fuck Sookie.

I have a swearing problem today.

Only watching for Pam <3…

Fuck Sookie

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