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Scream Queens – The TV Show

Scream-Queens-01So last night I turned on my PVR and noticed I missed the new show Scream Queens on City TV last night. So I got comfortable and knew that 2 hours of a TV show is not my cup of tea, but I figured they aired it that way on TV I’ll watch it. I absolutely loved the first episode especially the 1995 throwback. I am also a fan of the cast: Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer and Jamie Lee Curtis. The other actors are fairly new to me, but I’m sure they’ll grow on me.

I have to say I’m a little disappointed in the show, knowing it’s produced by the same guy (Ryan Murphy) that did American Horror Story I guess I had high hopes for this show. This series is basically like a horror version of Gossip Girls. Now I do love me some Gossip Girl, but I’m not sure if this will be as everlasting. Let’s hope Episode 3 doesn’t disappoint. Although I’m glad I got to fast forward through commercials otherwise I might of stopped watching episode 2 half way.

From a Chick’s Perspective 3/5. – The first episode was amazing, the second was meh. I’m sure the series will stick around cause teens will love this.


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The Bachelorette kinda sucks….


This season is such a hot mess. I’ll explain in a couple of points:

  1. After Week 4 people are in “love” with her (more like obsessed). THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW HER THAT WELL. I get love at first sight and all that jazz, but seriously these guys are STAGE 5 CLINGERS when it comes to this woman. RUN ANDI RUN.
  2. R.I.P Eric – this episode really pissed me off. I understand they were giving him a tribute by not showing the rose ceremy, BUT why would you show a fight between him and Andi??? That was so mean to show her coming across as she hated him and for him to be shown in that kind of light especially when he just passed away. I am SOOOO happy they didn’t show the rose ceremy *sarcasm* But let’s show him telling Andi she’s a fake and an actress. Dumb.
  3. The guys are all saying “This is now competition.” The last time I checked love wasn’t a competition. It’s a feeling that is MUTUAL so it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to win just because you wrote her a cute note or sent her flowers…
  4. Marcus and Josh M are FREAKING ME OUT. They are completely obsessed and a little scary at times. Especially Josh. That kid needs to calm the F down.
  5. Last but not least I’m pissed Tasos was kicked off and I didn’t get to see it. #sorrynotsorry

From a Chick’s Perspective Yes I’ll obviously continue to watch the show. I’ve gotten this far I might as well keep PVR-ing it. My choices for Andi? Does it matter? She seems a little cray-cray and unable to take criticism. Other than that she seems pretty down to earth, but I would NOT want to make her angry or upset in anyway or she might just bite your head off. Also why do these guys all look like they’re in their 30’s?? I’m 28 and these guys are supposed to be younger than me? Doubtful. I feel like they all have fake ages and fake jobs.



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The Bachelor was AWFUL…

Let’s make this short and sweet. Jaun Pablo is bloody insane. How the hell was so I so excited for this show and for it to turn into complete utter shit. I know I’m late for the party, but I re-read the post I wrote about being super excited for it and realized something must be said!

Juan Pablo is such a pretentious douche bag. I’m so glad a lot of the girls just got up and left, I’m happy that he found someone who is so completely BLIND to what kind of man he is, and I hope she figures it out.



From a Chick’s Perspective Thank god for Andi.

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Resurrection – Trailer

So last night I was just watching TV that I PVR’d from the night before and you know sometimes you forget to Fast forward the commercials? So I went to pick up my converter (remote, whatever) to click fastforward and this TV show trailer came on for a show called Ressurrection. This show looks so MESSED UP that I’m actually super excited to watch it. So please take 2 minutes and 54 seconds and check this trailer out!

Check out the Trailer:


Legit face I was making while watching this trailer.
It premieres March 9th(?) on City TV.

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The Bachelor is Back….


A lot of people don’t understand the obsession people have for watching The Bachelor. Well in my opinion it’s basically watching people to stupid things on TV for love and the other reason is actually seeing if the women/men who are chosen are sincere.

Jaun Pablo is the new bachelor. He was chosen as “America’s favorite” when he was dismissed from last Season’s the Bachelorette. Since we are only in week one I thought I’d share my top 5 favorite moments:

1. The Crazy Hippie Girl (Lucy) who didn’t wear any shoes… she seems like a free spirit… or that could just mean she’s completely insane. Although he did choose her at the first Rose Ceremony so good for you hippie lady!
2. Juan Pablo giving his First impression rose to (Sharleen) a girl who doesn’t even know if she likes him. Yet she excepts it by saying “sure”… how rude.
3. Poor Kylie, she thought Juan Pablo called her name during the rose Ceremony, but was mistaken. She never got a rose. How embarrassing.
4. Lauren basically having a nervous breakdown for no apparent reason. If you’re still upset about your ex-fiance breaking up with you then you’re not ready to date. Especially when the first conversation you have with Juan Pablo is about ANOTHER guy. Not cool.
5. And the most awkward girl Amy. She gives Juan Pablo a massage as she is a massage therapist, but she is fully moaning during the process. Hunny that’s just creepy.

My Top Girls who I think have a chance (in no particular order)

Andi (I think she is adorable)
Nikki (The pediactric nurse. So you can tell she obviously loves kids)
Renee (The Single mom who has a 8 year old son.)
Elise (I just find her so sweet and hope she’s not crazy).

From a Chick’s Perspective Sending much luck to Juan Pablo on finding love. Can’t wait to see which places they hit around the world 🙂

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