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Blindspot – Pilot Review

02100-blindspot-posterFinally a new TV show where the actors are awesome, the concept is pretty cool (kind of reminded me of Prison Break with all those tattoo’s that basically turned into a map… sorry for the spoilers), AND well I totally have a girl crush on Jaimie Alexander. My girl crush started when I saw her in Nurse Jackie ❤

So I love the concept of this show. A girl is found in a bag in Times Square and she is completely covered in fresh tattoos. Her memory is completely wiped and her tattoo’s are leading the FBI to future attacks, deaths… etc. The first episode was pretty good, but I am hoping that it doesn’t become repetitive. I feel like this show has a lot of potential to last, but only time will tell. The only thing I worry about is the actor Sullivan who plays Kurt. There is something off about his acting… I have a feeling he has a strong accent and is trying to pull off a regular New York accent… (I need to go google this)

YES… He is AUSTRALIAN! I knew it! and boom goes the dynamite.

From a Chick’s Perspective 4/5. – Pilot reviews are usually easy for me. I can tell whether a show is going to be amazing or it’ll be off the air come Season 2… or 3. This one will definitely be a great Season and I really hope the show keeps getting better. I can see it declining, but let’s hope this show makes it to at least Season 3.


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Limitless – The TV Show

limitless-publicity-releasejpg-82f1eeWhen I heard Limitless (the movie) was being turned into a TV Show I was pretty excited. Although most of the time when movies turn into TV Shows they tend to fail horribly, but I was so surprised by this pilot episode. Not only are the actors awesome but the story itself is pretty sweet. I am so happy to see Jennifer Carpenter in another show, as I haven’t seen her since Dexter. She is such an incredible actor! Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Bradley Cooper is actually in the TV Show. HOW GENIUS IS THAT?

Out of all the shows this fall I think this show will be my favourite. So far Fall TV is going to be AWESOME ❤

From a Chick’s Perspective 5/5. – For a Pilot I really loved it. I can’t wait to see episode 2 and watch the rest of the Season! Let’s hope this show lasts a long time!

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The Hangover Part III – Movie Review

the-hangover-3-poster3THE HANGOVER III

Any movie with Hanson’s MMMBOP being featured has to be amazing right?!?!  Haha.

I know, I know, no one wanted this movie to happen. The first one was so epic, but the second one was annoying and pretty much a waste.  But seriously how many times can men screw up… Oh nevermind there should be 100 of these. I’m not gonna lie I did laugh at a lot at the movie. Mr. Chow is hilariously funny and hell I’ll watch anything with Zach Galifianakis in it. I’m glad the story line was different than their typical we got drugged, went crazy and can’t remember anything.

From a Chick’s Perspective I give this movie a 3/5. Obviously it’s not the best movie ever, but hey it made me laugh and that’s all that matters.


Alan: We can’t be friends anymore. When we get together, bad things happen and people get hurt.

Mr. Chow: Yeah, but that’s the point! It’s funny!

hahahahaha ❤
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Place Beyond The Pines – Movie Review

placebeyondthepinesPLACE BEYOND THE PINES

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie where I didn’t even know what to say when it was over. It took me a while to figure out what to say about it… was it good? Was it bad? I still don’t know.

What a cast. Great performances by all even the teenagers. I don’t get it how can there be so many movies with such awful actors yet this movie comes around and it was just flawless. It’s great to see there are still some raw talented kids out there who will be big movie stars one day. (Dane DeHaan, I only see things going up from here. Amazing performance. Great actor and I look forward to seeing more of you in your future projects).

So guys I really have no bad thoughts about this movie. I don’t feel like raving and ranting because unfortunately I have nothing bad to say about it. It was a pretty messed up movie and I’m glad it ended the way it did. 

From a Chick’s Perspective I give this movie a 4/5. Nothing is really worth a 5 unless I can watch it over and over again and never get sick of it. This movie is a good one time watcher. Maybe twice if my boyfriend wants to see it as well. 😛

Luke (Ryan Gosling): “You don’t love me you don’t like me I fuckin’ get it. I’m a piece of shit, OK? I’m still his father, I can give him stuff. I got this for him, just give it to him. Tell him it’s from me.”

… So cute in a messed up way.


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