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Scream Queens – The TV Show

Scream-Queens-01So last night I turned on my PVR and noticed I missed the new show Scream Queens on City TV last night. So I got comfortable and knew that 2 hours of a TV show is not my cup of tea, but I figured they aired it that way on TV I’ll watch it. I absolutely loved the first episode especially the 1995 throwback. I am also a fan of the cast: Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer and Jamie Lee Curtis. The other actors are fairly new to me, but I’m sure they’ll grow on me.

I have to say I’m a little disappointed in the show, knowing it’s produced by the same guy (Ryan Murphy) that did American Horror Story I guess I had high hopes for this show. This series is basically like a horror version of Gossip Girls. Now I do love me some Gossip Girl, but I’m not sure if this will be as everlasting. Let’s hope Episode 3 doesn’t disappoint. Although I’m glad I got to fast forward through commercials otherwise I might of stopped watching episode 2 half way.

From a Chick’s Perspective 3/5. – The first episode was amazing, the second was meh. I’m sure the series will stick around cause teens will love this.


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The Call – Movie Review

thecalljpgTHE CALL

Obviously I watched this because Halle Berry is one of the hottest women in the world. Honestly she is 40 and pregnant and looks 25. PLEASE GOD GIVE ME HERE GENES! Anyways I actually didn’t mind the movie except for one thing… or one person I should say: Abigail Breslin. She is super cute but good god I just wanted to punch her in the face during her “stuck in the trunk” car scene. I understand she didn’t write the script but damn girl get some balls and ask for your character to at least get her shit together. So annoying.

So overall it was a good movie. The ending was stupid as hell which didn’t surprise me. ***SPOILER*** Who the hell doesn’t want to at least beat the shit out of their killer before letting him suffer a slow and painful death. If it was me I would definitely of tortured the shit out of him before CONFIRMING his death. I swear to god if there is a part two I am NOT watching it cause the bitches should have killed him.***END SPOILER**

I always wondered how 911 operators handled their jobs. It has to be very stressful and I respect all those people who answer the phone and are patient with people screaming and crying. I would not be able to handle that job at all.And what 911 operator goes after a CHILD MOLESTER to save a kid she doesn’t even know. Just because you got another kid killed (which wasn’t really her fault, seriously you don’t call a house back when an intruder breaks in, but then again that dumb kid shouldn’t have answered the phone). And in the end the 911 operator saves her? And she doesn’t even call the cops when she finds a secret underground entrance? LIKE WTF?


From a Chick’s Perspective I give this movie a 3/5. Would I watch it again? Hell no. Would I recommend it? Sure if you want to waste almost 2 hours of your  life. But if you’re a Halle Berry lover then just watch it for that reason alone.

Jordan: “911, where is your emergency?”
Leah: “A man is trying to break into my house. I am all alone.”
Jordan: “Okay, sweetheart, calm down.”
Leah: “My parents are out at a movie. I can’t reach them.”
Jordan: “I understand that, sweetheart.”
Leah: “Leah, Leah Templeton. Oh god, he broke the window. He’s coming in the back.”
Jordan: “Okay, Leah, listen to me. Find a room and lock yourself in it right now.”
Leah: “Okay”
Jordan: “Leah? Leah?”
Leah:: “I’m upstairs in my room but the door, it won’t lock. He’s in my house. He went back downstairs.”

[Call disconnects and Jordan calls back]
Jordan: “Leah? Leah? Leah, stay quiet, okay? Don’t speak. The officers are going to be there any second.”
 “I think he heard the phone ring.” [screams]
[Call disconnects]

… Stupid

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