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Bad Teacher – The TV Show?


So I finally had the chance to watch the pilot for Bad Teacher. Now, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the movie but it was pretty funny. It would of been better without Justin Timberlake (just keeping singing and stop acting). Anyways I could be wrong, but I highly doubt this show will last. The acting is not the greatest especially the main character Ari Graynor. I’ve seen her in plenty movies and she can get a way better role than this, BUT Kristin Davis is in it and I looooooove her. Too bad her character is the rival, because she was super hot in Sex and the City. I can totally see her strutting her stuff in the future of this series… if it lasts.

I kinda love the Gym teacher he is great. The kids are annoying and I guess that’s how kids are today… poor things. So I’m guessing this TV show will just be a LONGER version of the movie? *SPOILER from the movie* doesn’t she just end up with the gym teacher out of love instead of looking for a rich hot divorcee? Huh.

Also, after watching the trailer this show actually looks really funny, but the pilot kinda ruined it for me. Who knows maybe I’ll watch it for shits and giggles. Pilots usually suck anyways.

Check out the Trailer:

It premiered on April 24th on Global (Canada eh?)

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Orange is The New Black Season 2 – Trailer

YESSS It’s back and I spot Laura Prepon in the trailer. There were rumors that she wouldn’t return to the show due to it being a lesbian role, and her religion (Scientology) will not allow it. I guess she’ll probably move to a different prison or something. So dumb.

Check out the Trailer:


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Dumb and Dumber 2?

GUYS. I am FREAKING OUT. Dumb and Dumber is one of my all time favourite STUPID movies ever. I’ve been obsessed with Jim Carrey ever since I saw “Earth Girls Are Easy” (If you haven’t seen this then you’re so not cool or at least weren’t an 80’s kid… for that you’re forgiven).  Jeff Daniels (who just won an Emmy for his show The Newsroom; which is completely amazing and I’m super addicted to it) posted this pic of himself as Harry and Jim Carrey as Llyod on his twitter account. I’m pretty sure I was drinking water and spit it all over my computer, but besides the point this made me super happy.

I was super pissed with Dumb and Dumberer came out. That movie was awful. I’m sorry but you can’t make a remake without the original characters it just doesn’t work and guess what? no one wants to watch it. I have no idea how well it did at the box office and nor do I care, but THIS COMEBACK will be HUGE! I can’t wait to see the first trailer, more pics (Jim Carrey posted one on his twitter account of the two of them in character reading the book Jim Carrey wrote upside down), and just more information in general!

Check out the Twit Pics:
Jim Carrey Jeff DanielsJim and Jeff

I am seriously dancing like this right now:


I finally watched it! Click here to read my review.

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