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Drop Dead Fred – Throwback Movie Review

s5G9umw7Bl9GkwmRlU78j3Uj3pR Guys if you don’t remember Drop Dead Fred then we can’t be friends. So my grandmother was going through storage and found a ton of my VHS’ so obviously I took them home pulled out my VHS Player (Yes I sitll have it, but it literally died the same night) and started to watch this movie again. I’ve probably seen it a billion times. I can quote the movie word for word… It’s absolutely one of my favorite movies of all time.

What’s it about? It came out in 1991 (I was 6) It’s about a girl who has an imaginary friend growing up because her mother basically hated her. Her mother locked away drop dead fred so she could never let him out. He finally came back once she went back to her mothers house and set him free. He returns to try to make her life “happy” again, but obviously does a lot of harm on the way. It’s definitely one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen as a child. Watching it now as I’m 30 it brought back so many memories. As soon as I started quoting lines from the movie to my sister she would reply with the next line. That’s how you know this movie impacted you. I definitely shouldn’t have been waching this movie at 6, but I’m glad I did!

From a Chick’s Perspective 5/5. This is my first throwback movie review so I hope you liked it! This movie is obviously one of my faves so I have ot give it a 5/5. Please go watch it. Even as an adult it’s pretty fucked up and hilarious


Fred: Where is the dolls?

[Throws dolls at Elizabeth]

Fred: I wanna play with the-Ah hah! The dolls! Hello, Jemima. Hello, Angelec.

[Makes the dolls say ‘Hello.’]

Fred: You’re gonna die!

[Screams and hits Jemima’s head against the door. Bites off Angelec’s head. Throws dolls]

Fred: Mr. Pooh!

[Makes Mr. Pooh say ‘Hello.’]

Fred: You die too!

[Makes Mr. Pooh say ‘No no no.’]

Fred: Yes yes yes.

[Screams and rips Mr. Pooh’s stuffing out while throwing the stuffing at Elizabeth]

Fred: [Makes Mr. Pooh scream ‘No! My intestines. Not my intestines!’]

[Spits on Mr. Pooh]

Elizabeth: [Whispers] I must be dreaming.


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Sicario – Movie Review

Sicario_posterI was very lucky to catch the movie Sicario last night thanks to my work. ❤

Let me just start off by saying if you haven’t read my blog yet I HATE going to movie theaters. I would rather stay home and watch it on my couch so I can pause it, rewind it (if necessary) turn it up and down… etc. People in movies theaters are so annoying. They have to point out who’s going to die or what they think it going to happen. NO ONE CARES. I am trying to hear what the hell is going on and also use my brain to figure out what I think it going to happen. No one needs your damn commentary.

Anyways about the movie. I have to say I absolutely adore Benicio Del Toro. He is like the Spanish version of Brad Pitt. Not in acting by any means, but in looks! These two look like long lost brothers or they have different mothers lol


I found this image online and almost died of laughter. Glad it’s not just me who thinks they are related. Although I don’t really enjoy them calling him a Mexican version of Brad Pitt, but we won’t even go there.

So the movie overall was great, super action packed, sad at times and very confusing. Emily Blunt’s character really confused me. I’m going into this movie thinking that she is a strong female lead, when it reality I felt like she was just supporting Benecio Del Toro’s character the whole time. I don’t want to spoil this as I’m not sure when this comes out to the public, but definitely go see it. It’s a great movie, with some gruesome moments, but totally worth it. Or wait till it hits DVD if you’re like me and don’t want to watch it in theaters lol

From a Chick’s Perspective 3.5/5.  It was a great movie, I’ll most likely forget about it in the coming years. I’m sure someone will bring it up and I’ll be like Oh yea that movie. It was okay… I recommend seeing it. It was filmed beautifully. As you can tell i’m still unsure how I feel about it.


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Room – Trailer/Review

Room_PosterWhen I first read Emma Donoghue’s Book “Room” I fully cried and bawled my eyes out, because this story is just beyond sad. When I heard that there was a movie coming out I was destined to see it. TIFF annoaunced that they would be having it in their theatre’s and I nearly lost my mind. I have to admit I’m a lucky girl when it comes to watching movies and television shows early, but this one was a hard one to get into to.

I basically begged a co-worker to take me with her and thank GOD her friend couldn’t make it.

As soon as I got into the theatre I had tissues ready as I already knew the story.

Can I just say this movie was absolutely beautiful. The filming, the acting, the absolute horrific situation they’re turned into a beautiful story, UGH definitely the best movie I’ve seen at TIFF… although I have only seen 3 haha. Those reviews will come out soon.

Brie Larson, if you don’t win an Oscar for this roll then the Oscars are fixed!!! You were absolutely breathtaking. No one else could of played “Ma” better. I can’t believe this woman went from playing Envy Adam in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to this absolutely terrified and strong mother. Now that’s an actor.

Jacob Tremblay… what an amazing child actor. When I was thinking of who could possibly play this role I didn’t think it was possible. Fiona Weir (the casting director) is a genius. Then again it could of been the parents who got him to audition. But damn Fiona better win an Emmy for Outstanding Casting… cause this child was perfection.

Check out the Trailer at this link
ROOM – Trailer

From a Chick’s Perspective 5/5. – The best movie I’ve ever seen at TIFF. I’ve been obsessed with this book for so long that I am so thankful that the movie came out as wonderful as it did. What an amazing cast, amazing acting… It’s a beautiful and horrific story. I can’t WAIT for all of you to see it!!!


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Maps to the Stars – Movie Review

maps-to-the-stars-posterMaps to the Stars

30 minutes in and all I can say is what the fuck is going on?

… Ugh guys I couldn’t even get through it. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood. I will try again another day

From a Chick’s Perspective 2/5. – Just no.

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Into the Woods – Movie Review

images Into the Woods

So I was looking forward to this movie for a while now and finally got a chance to sit down and watch it. Half the time I just really wanted them to stop singing… it got to the point where I wanted to fast forward through parts of it.

Johnny Depp (one of my favourite Actors) kind of creeped me out during his part as the Wolf. I understand he wants to eat the girl, but just the way he was saying it and looking at her really gave me the creeps. Not your best role Johnny.

Meryl Streep is just amazing. I have nothing bad to say about her ever. She actually slayed in this role. So kudos to you Merly.

Anna Kendrick… Meh. I’m glad the birds blinded the step sisters and you left the Prince. Other that that… Meh. Also Chris Pine looked scary as hell. How were the two princes chosen for this movie?? They could of done better.

Emily Blunt and James Corden were definitely my favourite to watch. They were so cute on screen and actually quite realistic with all the nonsense going around.

Overall it was okay… Kind of sketchy at times and quite annoying.

From a Chick’s Perspective 2.5/5. I If you love musicals then I suggest you give it a watch. If you hate musicals this one will make your ears bleed.

Cinderella: [to her prince]: My father’s house was a nightmare; your house was a dream. Now I want something in between.

Girl… get your shit together.



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50 Shades of Grey – Movie Review

grey26f-1-web50 Shades of Grey

Super disappointed in this movie.I felt like they were just ripping pages out of the book and if you didn’t read the book then the movie wasn’t making sense. Ugh that run-on sentence was so necessary. Anyways, I’ll get into the nitty gritty in a moment, but the one thing that bothered me the most? The lack of chemistry these two had. I felt like it was so awkward at times. Also I’m still pissed that Charlie Hunnam wasn’t cast as Christian, but then I watched the movie and THANK GOD. It would of been a horrible career move for him. Also there are rumors that Jamie Dornan doesn’t want to continue with the other 2 movies. Listen buddy, you can’t just BE Christian Grey for the opening movie. This will be your alter ego for live. This ain’t no Super hero shit where they replace Spiderman every 2nd movie.

So if you haven’t read the book OH PLEASE just read it! It’s way better than this pile of poop. There was way too much information missing from this movie. I was actually confused during it. I was thinking to ask my boyfriend do you understand what’s going on? But half the time he just kept asking me questions about it. So in the end I kinda had to make sense out of it. (We watched it in the comfort of our home. don’t worry we aren’t THOSE types of movie goers.”

So here are some things that just pissed me off, or didn’t make any sense.

  • Why the hell were they taking the Helicopter in the first place. They made it seem like she just showed up and was surprised.
    • In the book he let’s her know well in advance
  • Why did they ditch the whole car ride scene?
    • Come on, she put on his iPod and he had TOXIC by Britney Spears. That’s something that should never be kept out of a script
  • The movie literally removed her inner goddess in her head and it was the best parts of the book. Example “My Inner goddess is doing the meringue with some salsa movies,” or “My Inner goddess is doing back flips in a routine worthy of a Russian Olympic Gymnast.” I can understand these are kind of difficult to portray in a movie, but what a shame it was completely removed. I would of been happy with voice over thoughts.
  • The whole gliding scene. SO RANDOM. In the book he wakes her up early in the morning from her slumber and she is completely exhausted and he’s excited like a kid in a candy store about taking her Gliding. I don’t recall seeing Christina’s playful side in the movie at all.

There’s a ton more, but I can’t be bothered.

I did enjoy how they threw in the emails although they missed A LOT of emails. Like a LOT. Ugh.

From a Chick’s Perspective 3/5. Just read the book. Then watch the movie and tell me if it makes sense. I think I need to re-watch it. I watched it at like 1am and I was exhausted.  I’ll let you know if it any of it changes my mind once I do the re-watch.

Christian Grey: What about you? I’d like to know more about you.

Anastasia Steele: There’s really not much to know about me. Look at me.

Christian Grey: I am.

This part made me so happy. Until I realized that he just thought she would be a good submissive and not just a pretty girl. PSSH.


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The Theory of Everything – Movie Review

Theory-of-Everything-PosterThe Theory of Everything

This movie was absolutely beautiful. Now I know why Eddie Redmayne wont he Oscar for Best Actor. What an amazing performance! To be honest the only other movie I can recall watching him in was My Week with Marilyn Monroe; which I adored him in. What a brilliant Actor. I honestly can’t wait to watch more of his upcoming films. He is simply brilliant.

About the story, I still wonder if that one little fall really started his Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. As soon as I saw that happen in the film I legitimately had to pause the movie. I was completely shocked. I even asked a co-worker about it. He agrees he is unsure if that’s what caused it or they just needed something dramatic to happen in the movie to show change.

Honestly I feel like the only way an actor can really prove himself as a real actor and a great actor is to portray someone who we can compare them to. Look at Leonardo Dicaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. A prime example that if you can watch a movie and think that it’s real then you’re a true actor.

Also Felicity Jones who played Jane Hawking should of won for best supporting actress (Sorry Patricia Arquette), but her acting was on FLEEK. Absolutely gorgeous movie overall. What a beautiful life and a beautiful man. I am happy he has lived all these years and more to come.


From a Chick’s Perspective 5/5. I would recommend it and watch it again. It’s completely unreal and I love a great documentary.

Jane Hawking: What you’re writing?
Stephen Hawking: Look what we made.

[they look at their kids]

I bawled like a little baby. Sorry for the minor spoiler alert, but it’ll still make you cry.

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Dumb and Dumber To – Movie Review

142vio1111111Dumb and Dumber To

Alright I’ve been looking forward to this sequel since they announced it. I almost lost my shit (See this post for reference). So since September I’ve waited to see this movie and FINALLY I watched it.

So obviously I wasn’t expecting it to be better than the original and I’m not even going to MENTION that shit storm movie they made called Dumb and Dumberer. WTF. But guys this movie was FUNNY! I was laughing so hard at parts. The story-line was absolutely ridiculous,but it was actually better than I expected. Jim And Jeff did not disappoint. You have to go in with very low expectations; which I’m sure everone will, but i’m telling you it’s funny and you’ll get a kick out of it.

From a Chick’s Perspective 3/5. GO watch it. It was worth it. Plus it’s Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Two great and amazing actors. It’s obviously not the greatest movie, but it made me giggle.


Harry Dunne: This is my associate, Dr. Christmas.

Dr. Lewis Meldman: Christmas, as in the holiday?

Lloyd Christmas: No, as in the tree.

This made me laugh so hard.




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The Gambler – Movie Review

The_Gambler_posterThe Gambler

I watched this last night with the boyfriend. It was a random movie that he suggested and to be honest I really didn’t want to watch it. After seeing Mark Whalberg in Transformers I just got annoyed by his acting, but surprising he was really good in this movie. Although that dark hair he had made him look like Edward Scissorhands at times.

I loved that Jessica Lange played his mother, because I have an obsession with her. She is just a brilliant actress. Other than that it was an OKAY movie. I’m glad Mark is doing more serious roles.

Also I was kind of annoyed by Brie Larson’s role. I don’t know whether it was her acting or just her facial expressions that pissed me off. She may be a good actress, but I did not enjoy her in this movie at all.

From a Chick’s Perspective 2.5/5. I f someone asked should I see this? I’d say if you have nothing better to do then sure. It had a great ending and that’s rare in movies nowadays.

Jim Bennett: Fuck you.

Best line.


tumblr_neuc7jGeqW1tq2mz1o1_500YASSSS JESSICA. Show him who’s boss.


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The Equalizer – Movie Review

The_Equalizer_posterThe Equalizer

I figured I’d write something while I’m watching the movie. If you don’t like violence, blood and gore this movie AIN’T for you. I’m almost an hour into it and I literally had to pause it cause I was so grossed out. It’s pretty graphic, but so far it’s a great movie!

After the movie:

Overall it was a great movie. Pretty gory and honestly Denzel scared the shit out of me. This movie is like meeting a really nice guy and then knowing he is a psychotic killer (but a good killer), but STILL a killer. Thinking he did all this killing for a hooker he hardly knew imagine what he’d do for his wife if he had one LOL. Jesus take the wheel.

From a Chick’s Perspective Overall this movie is a 3.5/5. I probably would never watch it again, but it was a good movie. I would recommend seeing it just because it was so messed up. I love gory, horror, thriller movies and this takes the cake. I wasn’t expecting it to be that gory.

Robert McCall: [to Slavi] That girl, Alana… She’s gonna go on living. You… You’re gonna bleed out all over this funky floor… All over 9,800 dollars.

So messed up.


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