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Ashlena The Next Voice of Indie88


I was very excited to find out the news that Indie88 (a local Toronto radio station) was looking for a new voice for their radio station. So I OBVIOUSLY applied due to always wanting to be on the radio and actually talking about the one thing I can never get enough of… music.excited

So I did it. Saturday I started recording constant takes on the script provided and submitted it a couple of hours later. Now I have always been a pretty positive person and opportunities don’t come often like this one so I took the plunge. I had to go back in time and try to remember the radio skills I learned in College before dropping out and do my best.

So now I’m just hoping to be a finalist and if that happens I will legitimately go insane.


So Please wish me luck! And if I do make it as a finalist I will need help with voting to win! ❤

You can listen to my audition clip here:

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Why bumping into an EX is a good thing…

There are so many reasons why bumping into an Ex can be nerve wrecking or awkward. Trust me I’ve had it happen enough times to now know what to do in these situations and NO don’t go run and hide or skip the train so you don’t have to deal with it. JUST DEAL WITH IT. I honestly think it’s a good experience and you know when you re-act how certain you are in your life without them.

Why bumping into an Ex is a GOOD thing:

1. You know they’re doing well and they know you’re doing well WITHOUT THEM. It’s good to be able to tell them you’re doing great and vice versa.

2. Small talk can suck but it depends on the situation. Talk about work,family, what’s new and honestly if you don’t want to keep the conversation going then just say goodbye and GO! There’s no need for number swapping or “let’s meet for lunch” bullshit cause it’s never gonna happen. It’s normal for it to be awkward.

3. Bumping into an ex makes you realize that YES you should brush your hair and dress nice today. You always want to look your best because you have no idea who you’re going to run into).

4. It’s all about the feeling you get when you see them or they see you and come up to you.
4a: If there’s that butterfly pit in your stomach then RUN GIRL RUN. He is your EX for a reason. RUN. You may still feel something, but it’s not worth it.
4b: If you feel NOTHING and I mean NOTHING. Then you’re good. That means you are in complete control of your feelings and sure you are happy to see them (or not depending..) and you know it wasn’t meant to be.

5. The world is small. Don’t leave relationships with a negative attitude, unless the asshole cheated, then if you bump into him tell him to go F himself (been there, done that). It’s nice to bump into an EX and you guys can still have a nice adult conversation and say goodbye like you probably won’t see eachother again and that’s FINE. But if you do at least you had another good ending.


I know we all have those EX’s that we just don’t want to deal with and that’s fine. Just pretend you don’t see them and carry on. It’s the best way.

I’ve been lucky a lot of my Ex’s are good guys and things just didn’t work out. No, we aren’t friends or keep in touch, but I do wish them well.

There’s a couple I would like to stab and there’s a couple that I just can’t run into.

From a Chick’s Perspective  Find a real love like I did, and no EX will ever put you in an awkward situation or make you question anything. Be happy, be healthy and find true love.


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What the Hell is a Best Friend Anyway?

According to the Urban Dictionary:

Best Friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people you think about when you make plans. They are the first people you go to when you need someone to talk to. You will phone them up just to talk about nothing, or the most important things in your life. When you’re sad they will try their hardest to cheer you up. They give the best hugs in the world! They are the shoulder to cry on, because you know that they truly care about you. In most cases they would take a bullet for you, coz it would be too painful to watch you get hurt. 

I’m writing this post because I never believed in the words Best Friend.I’ve gone through a lot of friends in my life and trust me It was all for good reasons, but you can’t predict the future or predict when someone will just blow up one day… (I’ll get into that later). So I would like to take the time to write about my past bestfriends and my new friends today (names undisclosed, but If they read this I’m sure they’ll figure it out).

My first best friends that I can remember were actually 2 guys. Let’s call them Jay and Mark. I don’t even want to go into depth with these two. I absoltely loved them. They were the best guys in the world, and it helped that I was such a tomboy that I fit in pretty well. We’d race in elementary school (I’d win sometimes and no they didn’t let me… actually they may have), they were always at my house playing games and overall we just had a great time together. We lost touch in highschool. Randomly while I was walking to Highschool I saw Jay walking there at the same time. I haven’t heard from him in years and now he was going to my highschool? Odd. We hung pretty much everyday and then one school day morning I called him to let him know to meet me at the corner (we’d always walk together) he just didn’t show up or answer his phone. I called his house number and his brother told me he didn’t live there anymore and all I know to this day is that he is gone and I haven’t heard from him since. Mark is a short story. We got back in touch and hung out one or two times… he ended up kissing me; which was like kissing my brother and I stopped talking to him. I was disgusted. He is now married with a kid. Glad that wasn’t me.

The next bestfriend I can recall was in Middle School. Her name was Shannon. She hung out with 3 other girls and it seemed from the outside that they were pretty popular, but in reality they were pretty trailer trash and just dressed slutty for attention. Shannon and I decided to be friends, because we had a lot in common (I don’t remember anything we had in common besides pop music). We would go to her trailer park and she would come to my house all the time. I don’t know how our friendship ended and to be honest I still to this day don’t care. I’m sure it had to do with a boy. Anyways she’s married and had a kid too and according to her facebook page she seems happy, but let’s all be thankful she isn’t slutty anymore.

Another one of my friends who I considered a best friend started dating one of my close friends and then he stopped talking to me.. and so did she. And now when we cross paths it feels awkward and I just want to tell her how much she hurt me, but to be honest whats the point.


My most recent ex-best friend “Carrie” was someone who I would literally take a bullet for. I loved this bitch, because she understood me and she listened to me. We went to tons of concerts together, hung out a couple times a month and just really had a good time. I remember even deciding on getting matching tattoos with her one day. I can also remember her saying “No Matter What Best Friends for Life.” Well Life isn’t just 6 months after that hun. I remember getting texts on Christmas Day and her telling me/asking me why I’m visiting everyone but her. Just an FYI i do the same thing every Christmas Day. II spent Christmas Eve at home, Drive home to my boyfriends, wake up and go back home to open gifts and have breakfast, for lunch we go to His aunts house where his family all is, and back to my house for dinner. I told her I would come if I had time, but I would definitely see her tomorrow. After texting back and forth all day during each of these events on Christmas morning she decided to tell me we couldn’t be friends anymore. She felt I wasn’t on her side for things I won’t mention; which shocked the shit out of me, because even though she was going through a rough time and was pushing everyone away, she decided she would push me out the door too. Instead what she didn’t realize was that she threw my heart out of a fucking airplane and it landed on the tip of the CN Tower and exploded. I cried for a long time and the sad part was my boyfriend had to console me on Christmas Day because I just lost another so called Best Friend. I’m sure she hates me now due to the fact I got pissed off and said some things and did some things I shouldn’t have, but one day I hope we can at least be civilized as we may cross paths one day. And If you do read this know that I am sorry for what I did to piss you off, but I was an amazing friend to you. I left work when you were sad, I took you places and didn’t expect anything back from you, and I was the one always coming to see you because I wanted our friendship to stay strong. And one day when you’re not feeling the best due to your issues with your life you took it out on me. That’s not fair. I am still hurt by not having you in my life, and I do miss you and I can promise you this, that I can forgive you, but our friendship if we ever have one again will never be the same.


I understand it’s hard to be friends from a young age up until now, people change a lot, but tell me this. I’ve known this girl DJ since kindergarten, and no we haven’t spoken everyday since then but tell me how I’ve known here for over 20 years and we talk everyday now as adults then we ever did as kids. We have pictures together in my backyard doing the Macarena and decades later we still get along. We’ve never had a fight, we go to concerts, festivals, hell we even flew to Montreal together to see Britney Spears in Concert and paid for the VIP experience (yes it was 1,000 a ticket, not including flight and hotel) and we had a blast together. Do I consider her a best friend. No, because I hate those words. I consider her someone I can trust, someone I can talk to and vice versa. I will keep this girl in my life forever, hell I’ll even make her a bridesmaid in my wedding one day, and I hope I don’t hurt her feelings but best friends seem to go badly in my life so let’s just be friends. So far it’s working.

From a Chick’s Perspective All in all if you do have a best friend and you’ve been friends for years cherish it. Cause there are some crazy bitches out there that don’t even understand what the world FRIEND let alone best friend means. I’m still waiting for a lot of apologies but I’m not holding my breath.

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