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Pet Peeve #4

Pet Peeve #4 – When I’m on the bus sitting down and the person next to me has to be constantly moving. Usually it’s a woman going through her purse for 20 minutes or a guy who decides to keep adjusting himself. Listen people, just fucking sit there and shut up. No one needs to be constantly moving that much unless you have bed bugs. So move so I can get up and sit elsewhere or stop touching me.




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Ashlena The Next Voice of Indie88


I was very excited to find out the news that Indie88 (a local Toronto radio station) was looking for a new voice for their radio station. So I OBVIOUSLY applied due to always wanting to be on the radio and actually talking about the one thing I can never get enough of… music.excited

So I did it. Saturday I started recording constant takes on the script provided and submitted it a couple of hours later. Now I have always been a pretty positive person and opportunities don’t come often like this one so I took the plunge. I had to go back in time and try to remember the radio skills I learned in College before dropping out and do my best.

So now I’m just hoping to be a finalist and if that happens I will legitimately go insane.


So Please wish me luck! And if I do make it as a finalist I will need help with voting to win! ❤

You can listen to my audition clip here:

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Why bumping into an EX is a good thing…

There are so many reasons why bumping into an Ex can be nerve wrecking or awkward. Trust me I’ve had it happen enough times to now know what to do in these situations and NO don’t go run and hide or skip the train so you don’t have to deal with it. JUST DEAL WITH IT. I honestly think it’s a good experience and you know when you re-act how certain you are in your life without them.

Why bumping into an Ex is a GOOD thing:

1. You know they’re doing well and they know you’re doing well WITHOUT THEM. It’s good to be able to tell them you’re doing great and vice versa.

2. Small talk can suck but it depends on the situation. Talk about work,family, what’s new and honestly if you don’t want to keep the conversation going then just say goodbye and GO! There’s no need for number swapping or “let’s meet for lunch” bullshit cause it’s never gonna happen. It’s normal for it to be awkward.

3. Bumping into an ex makes you realize that YES you should brush your hair and dress nice today. You always want to look your best because you have no idea who you’re going to run into).

4. It’s all about the feeling you get when you see them or they see you and come up to you.
4a: If there’s that butterfly pit in your stomach then RUN GIRL RUN. He is your EX for a reason. RUN. You may still feel something, but it’s not worth it.
4b: If you feel NOTHING and I mean NOTHING. Then you’re good. That means you are in complete control of your feelings and sure you are happy to see them (or not depending..) and you know it wasn’t meant to be.

5. The world is small. Don’t leave relationships with a negative attitude, unless the asshole cheated, then if you bump into him tell him to go F himself (been there, done that). It’s nice to bump into an EX and you guys can still have a nice adult conversation and say goodbye like you probably won’t see eachother again and that’s FINE. But if you do at least you had another good ending.


I know we all have those EX’s that we just don’t want to deal with and that’s fine. Just pretend you don’t see them and carry on. It’s the best way.

I’ve been lucky a lot of my Ex’s are good guys and things just didn’t work out. No, we aren’t friends or keep in touch, but I do wish them well.

There’s a couple I would like to stab and there’s a couple that I just can’t run into.

From a Chick’s Perspective  Find a real love like I did, and no EX will ever put you in an awkward situation or make you question anything. Be happy, be healthy and find true love.


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1800 Flowers Rant


How about let us arrange NOTHING for you.

I am seriously boycotting this company for good. Years ago they used to be the best service and now I’m asking myself WHERE IS EVERYONE? I placed an order on May 6th so my grandmother could receive a beautiful bouquet on Saturday May 10th. I realized as soon as I placed my order that I accidentally put the wrong apartment number and have been trying to contact them for 2 days!

After numerous phone calls (they don’t answer, but they have an answering machine that is useless) and then bothering them on twitter I finally found an online chat service that could help me. Please read on:


How professional.

Did they not think I would read their terms and conditions??? Finally after this conversation someone called me and cancelled it within 2 minutes. HOW HARD WAS THAT?!?! The reason why I will never buy anything from this site again is what if I didn’t know how to use twitter or an online chat for help? How many people have they screwed over? (I can count numerous co-workers who have complained to me after this just happened). This company really needs to get their shit together. But I guess they are doing fine screwing over people and making money in the process.

Chicks Perspective – Go buy flowers from a store. This company is NOT worth the money or the hair pulling. Plus paying 60 bucks for flowers ends up being 100 with all their taxes and shipping fees. Complete bullshit. BOYCOTTED.


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Pet Peeve #3

Pet Peeve #3 – When I text someone and they don’t reply even though I know how much they are on their phone… That’s just ignorant.


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If you don’t have anything nice to say…

… then just SHUT UP!

Yes, it’s time for another Chick Rant. This really has nothing to do with me it’s just certain things I see people doing to others, because if someone were to do/say this to me we’d no longer be friends 🙂

So this is the deal: You go on facebook/twitter/etc and post pictures from a concert and one of your “friends” has the audacity to reply saying rude things about the band or you for liking that band. I understand there are a lot of closed minded people when it comes to music and no I don’t expect everyone to like the same music as me. Like come on, I have a Hanson tattoo for Christ sake don’t tell me I’m not eclectic. I just don’t see the point in making fun of something that brings happiness to other people. If i saw a friend post that they went to see a (hmm.. what band or artist do I actually really dislike?)
–10 minutes later–

Metallica… yes. If a friend of mine went to a Metallica concert would I really post on their wall “Eww, they suck” or “Wow, you actually wasted money on them?” Athough I would love to say that I don’t. And you know why? Because it’s not fair. We all obviously have different tastes in music and why should we all go around bashing people about it. It’s either because you’re too closed minded to step out of ” I only like Metal” or “Oh I’m all about Rock N Roll” well guess what! Rock N Roll is Pop, Metal is Punk and everything is so mixed up that if you want to be stuck in one of these musical boxes for the rest of your life then be my guest. Just stay the hell off my newsfeed.

From a Chick’s Perspective I listen to everything: Rock, Pop, Dance, Country, R&B, Rap, Opera, Punk, Metal… you name it I like it. That doesn’t mean I will like every song or every artist around, but it also doesn’t mean I have any less respect for someone who likes a certain song (unless it’s that damn “What does that fox say” No respect what so ever. So open your damn minds and listen to something new. You might surprise yourself. AND if you think you shouldn’t cause your friends will make fun of you then they aren’t your friends. They are just other closed minded people who probably listen to Hanson too in secret 😉


mmm fucking bop bitches.

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Pet Peeve #2

Pet Peeve #2 – People who spoil TV shows/movies etc. Honestly, you’re lucky I don’t come to your house and drop kick you. #Jerks!


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Pet Peeve #1 – People who use speaker phone when they are in a conversation. Nobody wants to hear your phone calls. #YouReNotCool


Pet Peeve #1

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Cronut Burgers and Stupidity.

It’s that time of year when summer is creeping to an end, but the best thing about the end of summer is THE CNE IS OPEN! I actually don’t mind going to the CNE once a year to walk around and have a good day in the sun, but it’s so boring. The only reason people go to the CNE is to eat awful food, go on rides; which I wouldn’t be surprised if they broke, and again to EAT AWFUL FOOD.

So this Cronut burger that I’m sure you’ve heard about has been causing illness among my fellow Torontonians and tourists. So what is a cronut burger you ask? Well, “The cronut is a half-doughnut, half-croissant hybrid developed by Chef Dominique Ansel at a trendy New York City bakery. It caught on quick thanks to word-of-mouth hype and plenty of media attention.” (

cronutUtterly disgusting. Anyways, This lovely doughnut burger was so hyped up that it was literally SOLD OUT at the CNE. Now don’t get me wrong I love to eat, but you would NEVER catch me eating this monstrosity… why you ask? Because I know my body would get sick. So now we have all these people complaining about how they have food poisoning from the Cronut. IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT. Why the HELL would you even consider eating this damn thing? it’s obviously not good for you and hell if you wanted to try it share it among 5 friends and taste it. There is no need to eat a full one … then again there is no point in even getting one. It’s bloody obvious you are gonna get sick off it even if it wasn’t food poisoning. So I hope this is a lesson to all of you who went to the EX, got this stupid burger and got sick. I hope you’re puking from both ends of your body, and you learned your lesson. Stop putting stupid food in your bodies.stupidpeople

From a Chick’s Perspective I was actually debating on Boycotting the CNE this year, but I can’t. USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) and Big Wreck are performing so I must go. Plus it’s $5 after 5pm. THAT’S A FUCKING DEAL!

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My Gym Rant

I usually go to the gym three times a week. I do bodypump classes, Spin classes and just general cardio/weights. No I am not a buff girl I enjoy eating shitty food, but I actually enjoy exercising once I arrive to the gym. Getting me there on lazy days is another story.

I am a member of Goodlife and I only go to two locations. Bloor/Park and Dufferin/Finch. My Dufferin location is where I take all my classes and do some cardio as long as my sister is coming with me. I only go to Bloor/Park to do my own cardio since it’s close to work. The reason I hate going to Bloor/Park is because I have to take the subway home which means I HAVE TO SHOWER IN A PUBLIC SHOWER…. Yuck.

So tell me this ladies. The showers are empty. There are about 8 stalls, why the hell must you shower RIGHT NEXT TO ME? It is disgusting for the fact I am half clean and your stinky ass’s dirty water is coming into my stall. Like honestly have some damn respect and choose one that’s not next to me.


To be honest if they were all full then shit happens, but when i know for a fact I am the only person taking a shower and you come into the stall next to me I feel like throwing shit over or telling your stank ass to move. Have some respect people! It’s not like I am taking an hour shower. I get in there, I wash, Hell i don’t even wash my HAIR (this is another whole blog to chat about, “ain’t nobody got time for that”), and I’m out. I take 15 minutes maximum and it only takes that long because I refuse to leave my sweaty clothes in my locker with my fresh clothes, so I take them off before I turn the shower on.

From a Chick’s Perspective So if you go to a gym and you notice there are tons of free showers be COURTEOUS and just fucking use one not next to someone. I know they are public showers and you can do whatever you want, but trust me it’s the NICE thing to do.

/rant over.

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